Besides maintaining the narrow-gauge line, all the buildings, structures and rolling stock, Aukštaitija narrow gauge railway is involved in variety of other activities and sells wide range of services. One of most important of them is tourist trips, among them regular trips (Anykščiai-Rubikiai), but also celebratory, seasonal trips, such as Christmas train, carnival train, and so on.  Besides this, we do educations and creative workshops for children and adults.

 We do prepare, manage and invite partners to join to our international projects.  Some of them are these.



 Art competition “Wall of Siaurukas” (2022) is a project, dedicated to painting murals.  It aims to create a new attraction in order to actualize cultural heritage and develop tourism, therefore one wall of Panevėžys narrow-gauge railway complex will be decorated with large-scale painting. International competition will be organized in order to choose the winner, and any artist, both local and foreign, both established and newcomers are invited to submit their work.  The winner will receive a prize of € 1,000 and will have the opportunity to create a selected sketch. The work is going to be presented to the public at a major event and will become the cornerstone of the new tourist route around the complex, which will be suitable for both independent visitors and group excursions.



In the summer 2022 we will open Narrow gauge art residency, where we will invite artists from various countries to submit their works. The residency will be dedicated to creating kinetic art sculptures from the waste of metal and other materials, used in our workshops. Created sculptures are going to be exhibited in the yard of narrow-gauge railway complex (Geležinkelio str. 23, Panevėžys). They will become one of the highlights of the tourist route around the railway complex.


As we are promoting creative partnerships between various fields and different countries and contributing to innovative creative ideas and forms, we are going to organize the first site specific art festival “Impressions of the Narrow Gauge”. It’s going to take place 2022 July 15-17, in our railway complex, and during it we will have impressive program, there will be movies showcase, dance performances, theater productions, sound art installations, site-specific video installations, works of light art, etc.  we are inviting artists from all around the world to submit their work for this festival. The festival is expected to take place every year.


Augmented Reality and Interactive Approach in Cultural Heritage Travel. The main objective of project is to integrate innovative approaches, modern technologies and digital solutions to popularize and actualize heritage travels thus expanding the tourism sector and creating a prototype of augmented reality travel that could be used in any other heritage travels or tourism sector carriers in any other country. One of the main goals of this project is to create the model, that could be used by other tourism agencies and carriers, that can enhance the view of heritage railway.


We would be glad to become a consortium partner and cooperate in other projects, as we can do in variety of ways, such as being testing ground for pilot projects in heritage field, we would be glad to learn new strategies, skills, etc.